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League Officials

steepleMatt Steeple-League Owner

Vice President/ President of Player Operations/Secretary

Matt Steeple brings the knowledge of the game of indoor football, and how a league runs as a player, and as an owner and coach of a professional indoor football team.

Matt is a graduate of Morgan State College where he played his college ball. He has a real good grasp of the indoor game of football by playing nine (9) seasons in the Arena Football League with the Iowa Barnstomers, New Jersey Red Dogs, Florida Bobcats, and finishing his career with the New York Dragons.

With his experience of over twenty (20) years in the game of football. He brings to the MAIFL what a player and owner needs from a league to help teams develop a strong base product to the fans that attend the game and to enjoy the product that is presented to them. He also will be that part of ownership of the league for players and owners to talk with on ideas they might have to help the league be a long time success.

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