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Mission Statement

  1. maifl logoTo provide structure for the Teams
  2. To provide a consistency of play.
  3. To provide guidance, but not control, of the Teams
  4. To provide Indoor Football equal to or surpassing the quality of play of Minor League NHL Teams and/or AA Minor League
  5. Baseball Team.
  6. To make the Team Owners a part of the League where their input will provide direction to the League, and where they will get
  7. to participate in the Profits of the League.
  8. To respect the value that the Players, Coaches and Team Staff bring to the success of the Teams and the League. And for
  9. them to be compensated for their efforts at a future date.
  10. To ensure the conduct of all persons associated with the League and/or Teams will be above reproach.
  11. To recognize the value of the Fans – That is why we are allowed to play.

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